White Page Reporting:

Answered "Hello"... dead air.<br>Said "Hello" again, caller hung up. by IP address 108.57.108.#September 18th
it is a person faking to be my son who is locked up. and harrassing me by IP address 72.79.72.#September 13th
They call every day many times. I don't know who is that so I don't pick up. They keep calling. WTF? by IP address 209.255.209.#August 16th
Called 3 times same minute, but left no voice mail. Reputable people don't do that. by IP address 205.170.205.#March 20th
Tagged as [ Rude Telemarketer ] by IP address 65.130.65.#September 6th
careful by IP address 50.160.50.#June 12th
Automated recording spam/scam saying I have been selected to win a bunch of airmiles. Another number to add to Call Blocker for Android. by IP address 96.53.96.#July 11th
Yet another Automated voice telling me I have won airmiles. Ignore calls from this number!!! by IP address 174.3.174.#June 19th